·         Introduction to Mental Toughness

  • Developing Mental Toughness in People and Organization
  • Mental Toughness Coaching

Introduction To Mental Toughness

Short Course (2 hour program). This is a FREE TRAINING PROGRAM designed to introduce Mental Toughness as a concept. Attending the program will allow the participants to understand Mental Toughness, the value and usefulness for their people and organization. This training is suitable for HR teams and Key Decision Makers.

Developing Mental Toughness In People & Organization

2 Days Course. The objective of the program is to build awareness about Mental Toughness as a concept and tools for self-development. Prior to joining this program, the participants will be required to take the MTQPlus or MTQ48 Assessment. Assessment reports consisted of Development Report, Coaching Report and Assessment Report will be distributed to the participants and/or the managers. The participants then, will attend the 2 days program, consisted of Mental Toughness knowledge sharing and introducing the tools to develop Mental Toughness. Participants will also conduct Mentoring and Coaching sessions with our selected Coaches to enable them to apply the concept in their daily lives and organizations.


Mental Toughness Coaching

2 – 3 Days Course. This program is designed for leaders in organization and Coach that want to apply Mental Toughness approach in their Coaching. Using Mental Toughness assessment result in Coaching and Mentoring will help to create a purpose-base Coaching and Mentoring. This will enable to measure the results of Coaching and Mentoring program and increase in value for the Coaching and Mentoring programs.

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